Who We Are

The Friends of Barkerville Cariboo Goldfields Historical Society is a registered non-profit organization comprised of dedicated volunteers. Its main focus is to enhance the preservation, protection and promotion of Canada’s culture as it applies to Barkerville and the historic Cariboo Goldfields.

The Executive

What We Have Accomplished

Since our formation (click here for more history about the FOB) in the mid 1980’s, the Society has dispersed more than $1,500,000 in projects and programs. The majority of these funds have been spent in and around Barkerville, for projects such as historic trail development, improvements to the cemeteries, cataloguing of thousands of artifacts, restoration projects in Barkerville and public awareness campaigns.

Where We're Headed

Our vision is to help breathe new life into Western Canada’s premier heritage attraction. Working with Barkerville Heritage Trust, private enterprises and the public, our aim is to tackle a series of projects that will create excitement while dramatizing an historic lifestyle from the 1870’s to 1940’s era. One long term project could someday include the building of one of the town’s breweries with products for sale. And, we are well into developing one of the most unique alpine networks of trails in western Canada following mainly the historic mining routes of years gone by. Many projects are taken on by the friends, such as (2009) to assist Barkerville in restoring the Canadian Claim Co. (Gunn Claim) across Williams Creek from the waterwheel. (See under projects). We invite you to be a part of these visions. We also invite you to help us help Barkerville during its next 50 years of historic development. And rest assured, history itself and those who have walked this way before will thank you for preserving this part of history for generations to come.