Heritage Trails


Rating: Hard due to Distance (40+kms one way) allow 3 days to complete.
Many steep grades, up and down.
Maps required for the Northern portion are # 1, 2. 5, 6, 7, & 8
For the south part you will need the complete 1861 GRPT map.
(Available by sending a prestamped #10 envelope or larger to FOB, Box 4152, Quesnel, B.C. V2J 3J2 )

The 1861 GRPT starts or ends at Richfield Courthouse where there is a trailhead sign. Cross Williams Creek and proceed steeply up the hillside. Keep your eyes open for kilometer markers. The trail is difficult to follow in the meadows due to grass and flowers. The GPS information may assist you to get back on the trail if you are having problems. There are two campsites in the Racetrack area (see map). Follow the ditch line to Rhubarb Cabin and then the road to Antler Creek (turn right at the road junction). Follow the road along Sawmill Flats until you find another trailhead sign, here you leave the road and follow the trail (muddy section) until you reach the Alpine and another campsite at 24km marker. The trail now is in alpine and sub-alpine for most of the remainder of the route. The trail in the meadow area near the 30km marker where you cross the old road may be difficult to find. There is another campsite near the 33km marker. From here to the end of the trail may be damaged from ATV and 4X4 traffic, we hope you may find some of it that has not been abused. There is a “Safety Cabin” at 35.5km if needed. If you do find the 40km marker turn West (right) and follow old logging road 5.5km down to the main road and turn southerly (left) 6.5km will put you at the old cemetery at Keithley Creek.

Vehicle access may be made at approximately 15km via a logging/mining road from 13.5km on the 3100 road, also at 30km on the Snowshoe Plateau if you have a 4X4, good weather and know the route. A third access is at the Keithley Creek end where a deactivated logging road may give you about 3 or 4 kms access to the 40km marker.



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