PROJECTS 2000 - 2003

Please see the latest newsletter where recent projects are reported with photos.

The Barkerville website was expanded to include information about the Friends of Barkerville ● the Barkerville Hotel opened and sold merchandise as well as interpretation of the building; sponsored a reception for new Canadians sworn in on July 1st ● purchased a Mac computer to show the Barkerville CD in the visitors center ● repairing and painting cemetery fence ● new head boards and cleaning gravesites ● row markers installed and crosses for unknown grave sites. The new 1861 Gold Rush Pack Trail map, Barkerville to Keithley is completed and distributed ● two hikes took place: Barkerville to Racetrack Flats via Gold Rush Pack Trail and Bald Mountain and Van Winkle to Groundhog Lake.
2002 ● Restoration and signage in cemetery ● launched CD and website for Friends of Barkerville ● funding for Living Landscapes ● restoration of Barkerville Hotel, Wake-up-Jake, Todd Store and Kibbee House foundations ● assisted rebuilding of hose tower ● digital camera to Archives ● monitoring of devolution process, ongoing repair of Rustin engine.
2001 ● Powderhouse, Van Winkle, Bald Mountain and 1861 Gold Pack Rush Trail marked and signed ● proclamation signs built and installed at Grouse Creek junction and Cariboo Waggon Road ● application to “name a feature” to recognize Dave Falconer and Bob Harris in the Snowshoe Plateau region ● application to Ministry of Forests regarding the Cariboo Waggon Road to be designated as a recreational trail ● removal of unnecessary water bars on the Cariboo Waggon Road ● lobbied for preservation of historical sites ● archival research ● production of newsletter ● Grouse Creek trail flagged, cleared and signed ● purchased a lap top computer, digital camera and acid free supplies.
2000 ● Millennium project, in conjunction with Barkerville Historic Town, the Millennium Bureau of Canada and the Friends of Barkerville, restoration and implementation of displays at the Chee Kung Tong building ● Gee Quon residence ● Min Yee Tong building ● Chinese miners cabin ● development of a display in the upstairs of the Lee Chong Company Chinese museum ● Tsang Quon residence in Barkerville’s Chinatown ● restoration and implementation of a display in the Tregillus house ● restoration of the Canadian Claim and Gunn Hydraulic mining exhibit ● development of a hay barn for storage and display of mining equipment ● restoration of mining equipment ● research of as-found drawings of Tregillus House ● cattle auction and barbecue with proceeds going to the FOB Millennium restoration projects initiated by Society money ● received Fred Luddit achievement award in recognition of contributions to Barkerville’s development ● restoration of historical artifacts and posters and participation in local forest plans ● 10 – 12 year promotion for designation of remaining Stanley to Barkerville section of original Cariboo Waggon Road culmination in a Royal Proclamation in regards to ensuring the historical value of the Cariboo Waggon Road for all time ● continuing with trail work to locate and connect the old Van Winkle trail and active participation in local forest plans in conjunction with Weldwood and West Fraser Mills ● Summer hikes included Van Winkle trail and Stanley to Barkerville on Cariboo Waggon Road ● Mac Grady Memorial hike to Bald Mountain ● partnered with Triple J Ranch for the “End of the Trail” cattle auction and barbecue.

photos 2000-2003

















photos 2000-2003