PROJECTS 1986 - 1989

1989 ● organization of Barkerville library – Challenge ’89 ● data entry of hand written documents – Challenge ’89 ● file documentation, general file maintenance and file referencing – Challenge ’89 ● general book maintenance and shelf maintenance – Challenge ’89 ● Crown Land Transfer name index – BC government grant ● completion of data entry of all catalogued information that was stored on paper – in excess of 3000 records – Employment Plus grant ● cross checked the computer data entry of the files that would not be accepted – Employment Plus grant ● hand written cataloguing of 11,000 artifacts and data entry of the information into the computer – Employment Plus grant ● photographing of all of the above catalogued items – Employment Plus grant ● data entry of mining records, 1861-1931 for Cariboo Goldfields – Employment Plus grant ● creation of a computer program to obtain full printing potential – Employment Plus grant OldClaimPosts1● preparation of a list of all libraries within British Columbia and potential archives within Canada – Employment Plus grant ● organizing of the mezzanine area above the Resource Information Centre – Employment Plus grant ● manned a booth at the Gold Dust Mall with Barkerville Historic Town in order to promote and advertise for the town of Wells and Barkerville.
1988 ● prepared the exterior and opened the Friends of Barkerville’s new office in Wells ● built a boardwalk in Wells ● oral history interviews about Quesnelle Forks ● perimeter fence at Quesnelle Forks ● interpreters at Quesnelle Forks; uncovered 25 foundations at Quesnelle Forks and brushed out sites to make way for stabilization and restoration ● As Found Drawings of Quesnelle Forks – Phase 1 – grant from Heritage Trust ● As Found Drawings of Quesnelle Forks – Phase 2 – grant from Heritage Trust ● site history of Quesnelle Forks, grant from Heritage Trust ● cataloguing woodworking tools, photographs, albums, clothing, patent medicine, books, misc. Chinese items, (approx. 4760 items were catalogued and photographed and about 1500 of these were new accessions) – Job Trac grant ● computer data entry, 15316 catalogued records out of 22,167 – Job Trac grant ● sponsored making costumes, fireman’s shirt, pinafores, aprons and boy’s vests for the summer school programs – Job Trac grant ● develop new clothing patterns – Job Trac grant ● research Victorian, Edwardian and authentic Oriental clothing for towns people – Job Trac grant ● indexing mining records, ledger and land records and entering them into the computer – Job Trac grant ● historic trails cleared and track set for cross-country skiing as well as three warming huts built on the trails – Job Trac grant ● continuation of cataloguing ● initiation of 1870 census records ● Cariboo Land records on database 1800’s to 1951 – a total of over 50,000 entries – Job Trac grant ● Gatehouse project, sold memberships, books, provided information on the Society and local Heritage sites – Employment Opportunity Program.AntlerCreek1
1987 ● signed a co-operating association agreement with Ministry of Lands, Parks and Housing ● hillside trail was located, marked and cleared by Friends of Barkerville ● clearing the wagon road was a major task, not just a brushing job ● staff of 27, budget just under $300,000 ● operated the Cariboo Sentinel under a park use permit ● prepared and printed a report for Heritage Trust “Quesnelle Forks ● A Gold Rush Town in Historical Perspective” ● hosted and arranged overview flight for Bill Reid, Minister, from the Bullion to Barkerville with a landing at Quesnelle Forks ● organization of Barkerville archives ● corral built on back street in Barkerville ● Agnes, Bald, Proserpine trail cleared, upgraded and garbage cleaned up around Groundhog Lake annually ● Pleasant Valley Ski circuit trail cleared and upgraded with 4km’s added ● Stanley trail clearing and improvements ● Barkerville cemetery restorations, graveyard fence repaired, reinforced banks ● Hydraulic pit across from the wheel slashed and cleared ● slashing and grass cutting on the Bulkhead and in between buildings ● headed a concise study of the importance of Quesnelle Forks to the history of the Gold Rush entitled ● “Quesnelle Forks, a Gold rush Town in Historical Perspective” ● waterline from Barkerville mountain slashed and troughs built ● new fence at Cottonwood built ● new waterline at Cottonwood built ● painting done at Cottonwood ● fenced and cleaned Barkerville cemetery ● organized, inventoried and catalogued Lee Chong and Boyd collections ● catalogued a rare book collection, 10,000 artifacts and 12,000 of 40,000 manual records transferred to data base.
1986 ● organization of Barkerville resource information centre, library, archives and data entry on computer ● financed original school traveling educational trunk “Edukit” and assisted financially in the privatization of their production ● as-found drawings of Quesnelle Forks buildings.